Baxtarte - The observer of Queer Roma art and artivismThe different forms of artistic expression have an outstanding role in the self description of life situations, feelings, internal and external battles around the Roma LGBTQI communities. It also works as an effective and accessible therapy while we are dealing with intersectional discrimination, racism and homophobia received among Roma, among the LGBTQI people, and from the European majorities. During the 2018 conference of ILGA Europe in Brussels, in the gallery of QRTV Europa and Romani Cultural and Arts Company, we can have an overview on the artworks, activists and events of Roma LGBTQI people who are trying to awake and empower themselves and their minority groups from this complex, marginalising and sometimes firmly humiliating oppression.
The aim of Baxtarte is to ensure regular visibility primarily for Roma LGBTQI artists, but everyone who is creating for the better life situation of their own or their own community.

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