Photos: Lukáš Petr Tesař

We are few years back in time, when Prague’s first LGBT Workshop is getting organized by the Czech ARA ART. It was the first ever organized LGBT Roma meeting in history. At the end of a more-day gathering, the lecturer, David Tiser arranged a joint evening to visit one of Prague’s most famous gayclubs. Everybody is looking forward to it, for some of the participants it is supposed to be the first visit to the gayclub in life. No one expects an inconvenient problem at the entrance … Can the situation be solved so the whole group does not have the miss the spoiled experience after the intensive stay in the capital? How could these situations be avoided? Is it normal that a minority struggling with the exclusion of another minority? These and other questions are addressed on stage in S(u)PERMAX.

Photos: Lukáš Petr Tesař

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About David Tišer:

David is the director of ARA ART association focusing on culture with social overlap, education and advocacy of the Roma LGBTAIQ community. He is also romist, teacher and theatre director. In the past, he was one of the members of the Government Council for Roma Minor Affairs. Currently, he is a member of the Committee on the Rights of Sexual Minorities of the Government Council for Human Rights. In 2009, he wrote a screenplay for the half play documentary “Roma Boys – The Story of Love” based on real story. In the National Theater play “My Neighbor, My Enemy”, which dealt with the coexistence of Czechs and Roma, he played one of the main roles. For his acting performance he was subsequently nominated for the Alfred Radok Award for the 2011 Talent of the Year category. David is the founder of the Roma European LGBTAIQ movement. David holds a degree in Roma studies from the Charles University in Prague. He received the prize of the Museum of Romany Culture for his contribution to the Roma culture in 2018.

David Tišer – Photo: Adam Holubovský