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Why was the gender reassignment needed?

Through her own example, we asked the actress Adel Ónodi to help to understand why a transgender person needs a gender reassignment. Is it about an inner desire or is it more about the pressure of a hetero-normative society? It turns out from the video. Ónodi Adél: Dear Future Me // monodrama & photo exhibition https://www.facebook.com/events/462121237576901/

“There is no such a thing like different being”

During the preparation process of her first theater stage night and photo exhibition, we interviewed Adél Ónodi, who introduces her transformation from biological man to woman in these artistic forms. Why is such a play needed? How can anyone relate to a trans-themed piece of art? Beside Adel we received responses from the director of the production, László Göndör. Ónodi...

Dear Future Me – Adél Ónodi

Dear Future Me is a monodrama and a photo exhibition, an artistic reflection of the personal journey of Adel Onodi.