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Roma-Truck: Together against rasicm and homophobia!

A report by Humen magazine

Humen Magazine is proud to be a media partner behind the Gypsy & Queer & Happy Roma truck, so we announce it together: the acceptance is as colorful as the rainbow!

When announcing a great message, the Gypsy & Queer & Happy Rome truck will be going on the Andrássy Avenue on Saturday’s Budapest Pride, calling attention to the difficult situation of gay Roma youth who are touch not only by homophobia in their everyday lives, but also racism.

Gypsyrobot will be playing on the truck as a DJ, but there will be Szilvási Gipsy Folk Band, who will also be prepared with Gypsy style cover versions of gay hymns, and the PA-Dö-Dö’s singer, Györgyi Lang, will also participate in the truck.

The purpose of the truck is to show that Roma people despise homophobia and transphobia as the gays also despise all forms of racism. Organizers want the Roma community to be aware of homophobia and transphobia and achieve openness to the LGBT community because homophobia within the Roma community must be just as burning as racism – after all, they are about exclusion and about the misconception that someone for some reason – whether skin color or gender orientation – is better or more than the other person.

The truck wants to create a dialogue between Roma, non-Roma and LGBT people so that non-Roma LGBT people and Roma people realize that they are fighting for the same thing: accepting everything else and suppressing all hatred.

It is time to show that Gypsies and non-Gypsies can act together for acceptance and equality.

In Hungary, Roma LGBT people are in many cases in an extremely difficult situation, most of them young people. They must fight not only racism but homophobia, which in many cases reaches them within their own community, since in many cases, families and religions make the acceptance more difficult.

In addition, the truck is remembering Milán Rózsa, the work of the gay and human rights activist who died in 2014.

Humen Magazine has always felt it important to overcome the word of the other and say to the world that we are not others. Nowadays, it is not only because of gender orientation that is considered by others, but also because of motherland, language, culture or skin color. We want to count on the difference. Everything else. That is why we are proud of the issue of Gypsy & Queer & Happy Roma. See you there!

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