Please support QRTV and the creation of our Roma LGBTQI floats

European Roma LGBTQI people face multiple exclusion and discrimination at the intersection of origin, gender identity and sexual orientation. The importance of this has not yet received sufficient attention and publicity.*

Our goal with Roma LGBTQI trucks: – to empower Roma people who are struggling with their identities, to empower them to accept or assert their identity, which might sometimes be more difficult for Roma families under the pressure traditions and religion and without available information about LGBTQI being; – to disseminate information about LGBTQI being in Roma communities; – raising the awareness of the Roma and non-Roma mainstream societies about the importance of acceptance towards the LGBTQI communities, and vice versa: raising awareness of the LGBTQI communities about the acceptance of the Roma LGBTQI community, as Roma LGBTQI people can also face regular exclusion and rejection within LGBTQI communities; – expressing that Roma and non-Roma, heterosexual and LGBTQI people, can work together for equality and for a peaceful, joyful coexistence; If you support any of our goals, you can use the PayPal “Donate” button below to donate or to fundraise for the organizers of the Pride floats and for the editors of QRTV. Thank you very much in advance! László Farkas founder, QRTV Europa organizer, Roma-LGBTQI floats at Budapest Pride

*Prague Declaration 2015, ARA ART