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Come Out Now! – Lindy Larsson


Based on the Mexican painter’s iconic self-portraits and images Engelkes and Larsson together with the band make their own interpretations through a concert. The orchestra create a violent and sensitive cabaret atmosphere with cello, violin, saw, accordion and more. The repertoire of songs is a blended mix of songs by Chavela Vargas, Peggy Lee and Franz Schubert among others....

Roma Armee


»The community of European people went to pieces when – and because – it allowed its weakest member to be excluded and persecuted.« Hannah Arendt At a time when Europe is at risk of drifting into neo-fascism, a group of actors is calling for a Roma army for the purpose of self-defence. A rapid intervention force to fight structural discrimination,...

Roma Boys

A film by David Tišer

Muscle and Make-up

Muscle and Make-up (Triptych), Mixed Media, 2016

Black Powder, Conduit, Vile Body Portrait of a Racist

The work comprises of three mixed media sculptures. The Pieces Black Powder and Conduit are inter connected like two strands of one thought. Ornamental and triumphant twisted classicalism, bodily and suggestive met with hidden surprises. Overtly organic mixed media forms contrasted with their custom made plinths which is intrinsic to each piece seen in Conduit’s colour use of red and black...

Altered States: LGBTQ-R by Daniel Baker

The Altered States series show the wheel from the Roma flag resituated within existing flags designs, in this case the rainbow flag. The new flags become icons of integration as well as and symbols of resistance. These new designs describe an optimistic scenario of coexistence and at the same time mark a celebration of difference. Daniel Baker is a Romani...

Delaine Le Bas about her Uncle Eddie

Delaine Le Bas is an English multimedia artist from a Romany background. She exclusively shared her memories about her late gay uncle, Edward, who was her main inspiration in art.


We are few years back in time, when Prague's first LGBT Workshop is getting organized by the Czech ARA ART. It was the first ever organized LGBT Roma meeting in history. At the end of a more-day gathering, the lecturer, David Tiser arranged a joint evening to visit one of Prague's most famous gayclubs. Everybody is looking forward to...

Džuvljarke – Roma Lesbian Existence

Vera Kurtić is a radical feminist and a Romani woman. She is an activist and one of the coordinators of Women Space, an organization based in Niš, Serbia and one of is a founding member of the Romani Women Network of Serbia that gathers organizations and groups from across the country into a joint and unified force directed to...

“There is no such a thing like different being”


During the preparation process of her first theater stage night and photo exhibition, we interviewed Adél Ónodi, who introduces her transformation from biological man to woman in these artistic forms. Why is such a play needed? How can anyone relate to a trans-themed piece of art? Beside Adel we received responses from the director of the production, László Göndör. Ónodi...

Dear Future Me – Adél Ónodi


Dear Future Me is a monodrama and a photo exhibition, an artistic reflection of the personal journey of Adel Onodi.

Gadjo Dildo


Gadjo Dildo is a cabaret-type show starring three Roma actresses and a drag queen presenter. Following the experience of these very different Roma women, we are ironical about their hypersexualization by gadjei, but also the minimization of their sexuality by the traditional communities they are part of. The show functions as a sort of telescope through which one may...

Traveller Pride – Johnny’s Story by Pavee Point


To coincide with Dublin Pride 2018, Pavee Point was launching its video “Traveller Pride – Johnny’s Story” in June, 2018. This 7 minute documentary celebrates LGBTQI Traveller identity. Aims of their video: Celebrate LGBTQI Traveller identity. Challenge homophobia and transphobia and preconceptions of what it means to be LGBTQI within the Traveller community Educate and create awareness about the diversity...

Hilton 437 & The Long Night of Coming Outs at Roma Biennale

Hilton 437 is an interactive talk show, in the legendary Hilton Room’s original furnishings, about feminism and queerness in art, and the emancipation movement of Roma and Sinti. "What does it cost to belong? What does getting out feel like? Can we step out of the roles that others have given us? The artists of Roma Biennale dive into a world...

The Hollow Woman

Special thanks to the Romani Cultural and Arts Company for the supply of the photo. Photo of Mixed Media (2016)

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