QRTV Europa is an entertainment, cultural, lifestyle and music channel. Its mission is to bring the various European communities closer to each other and to help the European human rights movements, activists and NGOs to create more inclusive societies, a fairer and more equal future.

Why QR?

QR is our abbreviation for QueeR*, because our content highly features queer and LGBTQI cultures and people (as a less-represented group in the mainstream media). At the same time, we strongly believe that on QRTV everyone can find useful, entertaining and informative content for themselves.

The abbreviation QR also refers to a multi-marginalized group of Europe, Queer Roma, broadly speaking, to the Roma LGBTQI people to whom we ourselves, the initiators, belong or are connected.

QRTV is a TV Channel with queer Roma identity.

Our main goal is to provide greater visibility of the members of this community, to bring closer the Roma and LGBTQI people to each other, to present the lives of these groups and to help them and other groups facing similar challenges to evolve a more liberated, more balanced and a diverse identities and cultural backgrounds supporting future.

QR also refers to the QR code, which will later become a major contributor in the access to extra contents related to our programs.

We make our own manufactured content with the appreciation of physical and mental health consciousness as well as vegetarian and vegan ** life views. We consider it as an important task to strengthen environmental awareness, so our the server of QRTV backs up on 100% renewable, carbon dioxide-free energy.

We respect religions, worldviews, inclusive religious groups based on universal love and fraternity. We consider the feminist and transfeminist movements as one of our main allies. 

We are openly looking for applications from organizations, bloggers, activists, and content creators who would contribute to any of these goals, who would further color the QRTV program palette.

* “’Queer’ refers to people who consider sexual orientation and gender identity as flexible, and think not just in two poles (heterosexual / gay or lesbian, male / female). Another meaning of queer is a collective word for individuals who are not heterosexual and/or cis. In addition, queer means a political standpoint that opposes not only the dominant heteronormal structures, but also the traditional policy of mainstream LGBT movements. In the English language area, the term ‘queer’ is originally (and also today) a slur (such as “faggot”) that the community has reclaimed in many places.” (Source: Hungarian LGBT Association – Instead of Question Marks – LGBTQI-Dictionary for the Media. Author: Dodó Karsay, Tamás Virág)

** “The followers of veganism are called vegans. Veganism is the omission of the use of products of animal origin and the related philosophy that rejects the status of animals being articles; which is manifested in the choice of nutrition, entertainment, clothing and hygiene products. “(Source: Wikipedia)

If you would like to support any of our goals financially, you can use the PayPal “Donate” button below. Thank you very much in advance!