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Owning The Game :: Antonella, Alexandra & Diana

The law that would ban teaching Gender Studies in Romania, makes us worry as we witnessed what had happened in Hungary. Just like in Romania, teaching Gender Studies was banned and then as the next step the Hungarian government decided to ban changing gender and name in official documents – not only neglecting by that transgender people’s most basic human right but denying their very existence as well. We stand in solidarity our friends from the trans community both in Romania and Hungary by sharing the stories of Antonella, Alexandra and Diana. You are our heroes and we are here for you!

A video by “Owning the Game” – a Roma LGBTQ+ project
Project by Joci Márton :: Expert: Boglarka Fedorko
Video: Eva Szasz and Laszlo Halasz
Hair: Matyas Lukacs
Make up: Richard Berki and Robert Racz
Stylist: Dora Murvai

Owning The Game