Kezdőlap Címkék RomArchive

Címke: RomArchive

RomArchive Festival – Sinti Swing Berlin

Romani dances: Ivana Nikolic and Attila Szanto

RomArchive Festival about the Romani Dance: Ivana Nikolic and Attila Szanto are performing. RomArchive

Dr Petra Gelbart – Ausvicate Hi Kher Baro

The live singing of the musical curator of RomArchive, during the panel discussion called “Is there such a thing as Romani music?”.

RomArchive – The Intro of Lindy Larsson

The opening performance of the Swedish queer Roma actor-singer at the launching event of the Roma digital archive.

Riccardo M Sahiti & Sinti and Roma Philharmonic

The Digital Archive of the Roma will make Romani arts and cultures visible and illustrate their contribution to European cultural history.