The work comprises of three mixed media sculptures.

The Pieces Black Powder and Conduit are inter connected like two strands of one thought. Ornamental and triumphant twisted classicalism, bodily and suggestive met with hidden surprises.

Overtly organic mixed media forms contrasted with their custom made plinths which is intrinsic to each piece seen in Conduit’s colour use of red and black referring to dynamite. Also Black Powder’s title points to explosive properties. Both are conductors to re-ignite the Ego/the self, creatively and personally hit on subjects of identity, class, gender, sex and power.

The third piece is seen as being very separate from the other works and entitled Vile Body/Portrait of a Racist, which is a reaction-piece telling the tale of a controlled and calculated act of racism, which leads to feeling striped of ones voice and brings to question matters of liberty and equality.

The piece is a 3D portrait of a disgusting curator, striped down in raw terms seen in its grotesque form of a bulbous middle aged gut emphasised with a yellow square much like a telly tubby; echoed with selection of glazes colour being that of Shit Brown.

The piece evolved from being a pile of excrement to something else, without losing its focus with the addition of the mouth being the vile weapon, the fancy dress ear representing the victim and yellow Plinth quoting old sayings such like Yellow belly and coward of the county. Finally the crowning jewel of the piece is the Man-Kinney which acts as the under mining of the notion alpha male that tends to try so hard to perform a particular set idea of masculinity which takes us back to the question – What is masculinity today? This piece has been a journey and become somewhat of a divine comedy.