Kezdőlap Baxtarte Roma Boys

Roma Boys

There is also very little representation of Roma LGBTIQ in film. One of the few films that deals with the topic of homosexuality in the Roma community is the Czech documentary-style film ROMA BOYS: THE LOVE STORY, directed by Rozálie Kohutová.

The screenplay was written by Czech Roma activist David Tišer, and it is essentially his own story that he is telling. David’s standing in the Roma community as a Roma rights activist was threatened by his coming-out, and he wanted to share his life story, and his love story: “the story of two Romani boys and their love for each other”.

It’s a vibrant and colourful film about love and activism, both funny and painful, but most importantly, it throws a light on the situation of Roma LGBTIQ people. By telling the very different stories of the two main characters, the film helps and supports other LGBTIQ Roma in their struggle not to deny who they are and instead be both: Roma and LGBTIQ. As David puts it in the opening of the film: “The Roma constantly cry about how they are discriminated against. But they don’t realise that even they discriminate.”

About David Tišer:

David is the director of ARA ART association focusing on culture with social overlap, education and advocacy of the Roma LGBTAIQ community. He is also romist, teacher and theatre director. In the past, he was one of the members of the Government Council for Roma Minor Affairs. Currently, he is a member of the Committee on the Rights of Sexual Minorities of the Government Council for Human Rights. In 2009, he wrote a screenplay for the half play documentary “Roma Boys – The Story of Love” based on real story. In the National Theater play “My Neighbor, My Enemy”, which dealt with the coexistence of Czechs and Roma, he played one of the main roles. For his acting performance he was subsequently nominated for the Alfred Radok Award for the 2011 Talent of the Year category. David is the founder of the Roma European LGBTAIQ movement. David holds a degree in Roma studies from the Charles University in Prague. He received the prize of the Museum of Romany Culture for his contribution to the Roma culture in 2018.

David Tišer – Photo: Adam Holubovský