Traveller Pride – Johnny’s Story by Pavee Point

To coincide with Dublin Pride 2018, Pavee Point was launching its video “Traveller Pride – Johnny’s Story” in June, 2018. This 7 minute documentary celebrates LGBTQI Traveller identity.

Aims of their video:

  • Celebrate LGBTQI Traveller identity.
  • Challenge homophobia and transphobia and preconceptions of what it means to be LGBTQI within the Traveller community
  • Educate and create awareness about the diversity of LGBTQI Travellers’ experiences
  • Advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQI Travellers in LGBTQI organisations as well as Traveller organisations
  • Support LGBTQI Travellers to live authentic lives with dignity and respect

The Government, under the National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy, has committed to a number of actions in relation to LGBTI Travellers and Roma. Pavee Point is calling on the Dept of Justice and Equality to develop culturally appropriate supports so that LGBTI Travellers and Roma are included, accepted and protected in their own communities and wider Irish society.


Traveller Pride – Johnny’s Story from Pavee Point on Vimeo.