Hilton 437 is an interactive talk show, in the legendary Hilton Room’s original furnishings, about feminism and queerness in art, and the emancipation movement of Roma and Sinti.

“What does it cost to belong? What does getting out feel like? Can we step out of the roles that others have given us?

The artists of Roma Biennale dive into a world of prejudices, cliches and expectations. Wander with the gaze of those who don’t want to join in. They don’t fight against prejudice, they exploit it. They max out every cliche beyond all measure.
The Roma Biennale 2018 kickoff is composed of a collectively developed night of performance that’s simply brimming with self-assertion. An expertly playful, multi-perspective happening about coming-out as an artistic-political strategy: Komm jetzt raus! – Come out now!”

On the photo: Delaine Le Bas, Lindy Larsson & The Bon Bon Band, Hamze Bytyci



Photo: Nihad Nino Pusija