“Gypsyland Europa”, “Safe European Home?”, “FutuRoma” “Come Out Now!” – these are only a few responsibility-aware messages which were formulated by the late British Traveller Gypsy artist Damian Le Bas through his art and initiatives. From now on, the Gypsyland catalog makes it even much easier to get familiar with the world of Le Bas, also called as “The President of Gypsy DaDa”.

Learn more about the catalog: http://romatrial.org/gypsyland

Official website of Damian Le Bas: https://damianlebasartbrut.com/

Watch the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg3TdViRpgU

“It is time for Futuroma. “Art materials are weapons” – you told me. We are armed and ready.”

Delaine Le Bas
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