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The coming out story of Roland Korponovics

"After my father died in an accident, I had the first, very deep thought that I have to verbalize this. Not only because they deserve it because he would have deserved it, too. But also because I deserve it."

The coming out story of Antonella


"Hang on, we, Roma LGBTQI people are here for you!"

Visualising the Lives of LGBTIQ Roma

I'm not here to define ... - by Roland Korponovics

Portsmouth, 7-8 November 2019 - Save the date!

Few Minutes with Reni Papai – Episode 1

Reni showed up on her roller, and we pressed the Record button.

Jenő Setét – about gay rights as a Roma

“I don’t believe in a country where anyone can be humiliated or beaten up, just because they belong to a group."

Setét Jenő roma aktivistaként a melegek jogairól

"Én nem hiszek egy olyan országban, ahol szabadon alázhatnak meg bárkit, és verhetnek meg bárkit, mert valamilyen csoporthoz tartozik."

“Gypsy + Queer + Happy”

A summary about our Roma LGBTQI float in Prague and Budapest