Kezdőlap Baxtarte Visualising the Lives of LGBTIQ Roma

Visualising the Lives of LGBTIQ Roma

You are cordially invited to the exhibition and symposium “Visualising the Lives of LGBTIQ Roma” at the Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, and the University of Portsmouth on​ ​7 and 8 November 2019, respectively.

I'm not here to define ... - by Roland Korponovics
I’m not here to define … – by Roland Korponovics +++ Visualising the Lives of LGBTIQ Roma

The lived experiences and images of lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) Roma remain invisible to many people, Roma and non-Roma alike. Simultaneously, LGBTIQ Roma are the subject of a plethora of anti-Romani, homo/transphobic and other stereotypes. By showcasing photographs produced by LGBTIQ Roma research participants as part of this research project, the exhibition not only offers an insight into the lives of LGBTIQ Roma. It also seeks to demonstrate to various audiences ways in which they wish to be represented.

The exhibition and the symposium aim to provide third sector organisations, charities, (inter)governmental institutions, academia and other stakeholders working with Roma and LGBTIQ people with images and information about LGBTIQ Roma; and to create a constructive dialogue about ways in which stakeholders utilise images of Roma and LGBTIQ people in their communication with the public. The outputs of the research project speak to larger societal issues that have particular traction within European societies such as diversity, equality, tolerance, migration, identity politics, representation and participation in Europe’s ever-changing political landscapes.

Participation is free of charge. Venue of the symposium on 8 November TBC.
Dr Lucie Fremlova, Senior Research Associate, SC DTP at

The exhibition is funded by the ESRC and takes place as part of the annual Festival of Social Sciences.

The symposium is part of the ESRC-funded project “Challenging dominant representations of LGBTIQ Roma in public spaces through queer-research informed interventions”

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QRTV’s note:

During the event, you can also see the British premiere of our short film “We, Queer Roma: Valencia” made by QRTV Europa and Samuel Sebastian introducing the Spanish activists Demetrio Gómez, Rosa María Quiroga Ramírez and the organizers of Valencia Critical Pride.